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Dominica Ruin Estates

Dominica was the last island in the Caribbean to be colonized and therefore it’s the oldest non-indigenous buildings only date from the second half of the 18th century. Dominica mountainous terrain and the late beginning of European settlement ensured that much of island’s natural beauty was maintained well into this present century. The force of nature and economics also play a role in the pattern of architectural heritage.

Dominica was never a colony of opulence. The sharp twist of fortune and decline gave no stability resulting in buildings were modest and utilitarian. The oldest estate houses were in the south of the island where the French settlers from Martinique. You will find that use the word ‘estate’ where in other islands ‘plantation’ is used. The charming collection of half ruined building at Bois Cotlette near Soufriere is a fine example of an early French coffee and sugar estate.

The best examples are at the Old Mill at Canefield, Hillsborough on the west coast and Hampstead in the north. Ruins at Soufriere, Grand Bay and Bagatelle can also be visited. There are also impressive acqueduct at Snug Corner, Wallhouse and Castle Comfort in the South, Canefield in the west and Rosalie on the east coast.

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Urban Domestic and Commercial Traditional Buildings

Cafe in Roseau The best example of Dominica’s urban domestic and commercial traditional buildings can be seen within five hundred yards of the Old Market in Roseau.
Roseau the capital of Dominica can be described as a city of verandahs and happily even modern houses are following the style – decorative fretwork on the older wooden house, the ‘jalousie’ windows and the heavy wooden hurricane shutters.Local awareness of the value and charm of these buildings is unfortunately very weak and several buildings have been torn down and suffered ugly replacements.

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Military Architecture

Cabrits National Park The best examples of our military architecture are at Cabrits National Park in the North of the island. Fort Shirley and the thirty or so other ruins scattered across the headland show all the details of 18th century British defense systems. A Little battery sits at Fort Cachacrou on top of Scotts Heads. At Fort Young much has change, the outline and fac,ade of the compact little fort can clearly be seen. One of the oldest surviving administrative buildings is the Post Office built in 1810, and the Roseau Town Council building is worth mentioning that it’s one of the last surviving Slave trading compounds in the Caribbean.

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